Flats-for-land basis proposal

We are proposing you give us your real estate plot for flats-for-land basis.
What is a flats-for-land basis?
It is a form of cooperation between us, the construction company and you, the landowner, which aims for both parties to gain value by transforming the plot into a newly built building of modern standards. It is essentially a process with a specific time horizon.

It lasts until the completion of the newly built building and the delivery to you of the apartments that belong to you. This way, we become partners. You participate with the plot and we participate with the necessary know-how, the work, as well as the funds required for the construction of the newly built building.

The benefits of the landowner are:

  • Newly built, functional, quality apartments for ownership or rent.
  • Parking spaces.
  • Warehouses.

We place special emphasis on the functionality of the spaces and the quality of construction. We emphasize the fact that two apartments with the same square meters, depending on the layout of their spaces, have different commercial value.

We focus on our partners, on constant information, on the development of our know-how as well as on our passion for the best. With this in mind we are convinced of the viability and success of the reciprocity venture.

The time of completion of the construction varies between twelve to fifteen months, depending on the size and specificity of the project.

We guarantee the construction. We are by your side after the completion and delivery of the project. The most suitable to talk about us are the landowners who became our partners. Consult them.